Here’s How Much Sleep You Need According to Your Age. REASONS 6 IS VERY IMPORTANT!


15% of all depression patients sleep all the time and don’t want to leave their beds. Depression expresses itself by oversleeping or insomnia, which can have a negative effect on your mental health.


Oversleeping can also cause painful headaches. This will damage your neurotransmitters such as serotonin and will almost surely cause headaches during the day.


Spending your days sleeping can impair your body’s ability to process glucose, which will lead to type 2 diabetes over time. One study showed that people who sleep less than the recommended time are more likely to develop glucose intolerance and diabetes than those who sleep normally.

Heart disease

Sleeping too much and too often can damage your heart. A research conducted by the Nurses’ Health Study examined the sleeping habits of more than 72 000 women who slept more than 11 hours overnight, and the results showed that they are more at risk of developing coronary artery disease than women who slept 8 hours overnight.

Tips on defeating oversleeping

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